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ACANA is made by Champion Pet Foods in Alberta, Canada.  Like Champion’s other food, Orijen, ACANA is made with a focus on world-class regionally fished, grown or raised ingredients delivered fresh to the factory.  All ACANA varieties contain at least 3 fresh, regional meat ingredients and a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.  ACANA offers 4 grain-free varieties for dogs and 3 grain-free varieties for cats.  ACANA also has one Classic formula with steel cut oats as the single grain source and 2 Limited Ingredient Formulas which have single source proteins for sensitive dogs.   Grain-free formulas contain 60% protein ingredients, 40% fruits & vegetables, and 0% grains for an overall crude protein of approximately 33%.  The other formulas have 50% protein ingredients, 30% fruits & vegetables, and 20% steel cut oats for a crude protein around 25%.  For higher protein options, see Orijen.

Champion Pet Foods is one of the few companies that makes and packages its own food in its own plant.  Its dedication to the quality of ingredients and the control over the production process means that Champion only makes dry kibble at this time – they do not outsource the production of their food to any other facilities.

Rated 5 stars by Dog Food Advisor and Dog Food Analysis, ACANA is a highly recommended food for those looking for a little less protein or a lower cost than Orijen but still looking for high-quality natural ingredients.

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