Free Range Eco Naturals


We've been involved in the Pet Industry for more than four decades and it shows in our dedication to exceptional quality that we insist on for our natural dog chews and treats.

We were among the original pioneers of the “body parts” business, and involved in importing pig ears from Europe and introducing them into the U.S. as natural dog chews. From there, we expanded to a plethora of different “parts” including, odor-free bully sticks, along with cow tails, trachea, Achilles tendons, antlers etc. and set up national and international distribution.

Our experience in the pet industry has led us to create FREE RANGE Natural Dog Treats & Chews - A DogNip Brand Company to provide dog chews and treats that are as pure and simple as possible. We allow nature to provide the perfect diet, making our meat sources healthier and nutritionally superior. Then our chews and treats are merely dehydrated with no need for preservatives.

Our “Back to Basics” philosophy gives pet parents the quality they are looking for when they want only the best for the beloved, furry member of their family.

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