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In 1974, Ronnie Felderhoff took over as president of the company and continued to grow Muenster Milling Co. in new areas such as show feeds and horse feeds. In 1989, Ronnie made a bold decision to completely change the course of Muenster Milling Co. forever and put in a pet food extruder.

At that time, pet food was mostly manufactured by a few large companies around the country, but Ronnie decided to enter the industry. Since that time Ronnie has led Muenster Milling Co. to create some innovative products such as the Muenster Natural pet food line in 1999 that was one of the first all-natural pet food diets.

Muenster Natural™ pet foods are always made with only the best ingredients. We won't fill our label with fad ingredients that have little to no scientific evidence. They will all be proven ingredients to add health benefits to your pet.

All of our Muenster Natural™ pet foods start with a high quality low ash meat meal. We don't use "fresh meats" as there isn't a more deceiving ingredient in pet foods. Fresh meats are as much as 90% water and once cooked probably rank around ingredient #10 or 11 on the bag. When you buy Muenster, you get what you pay for.

The majority of our grains are purchased within 20-30 miles of our plant from the same family farms that we've bought grain from for the past 82 years. We've also added DHA Gold to all of our formulas (algae meal on the bag) to improve brain function. As always all of our ingredients are 100% certified Non-chinese.

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