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Widely considered one of the best dry dog and cat foods on the planet, Orijen is made exclusively in Champion Pet Food’s own plant in Alberta, Canada.  Champion makes Orijen with a Biologically Appropriate philosophy – using fresh regional ingredients and high levels of fresh, never-frozen meats to formulate a food consistent with the evolutionary meat-eating digestive anatomy of dogs and cats.  Orijen has 6 dog food varieties and 2 cat food varieties.  Most formulas contain 80% protein ingredients, 20% fruits & vegetables, and 0% grains for a guaranteed analysis crude protein of about 38% for dogs and 42% for cats.  For lower protein options, see Champion’s other food ACANA.

Champion Pet Foods is one of the few companies that makes and packages its own food in its own plant.  Its dedication to the quality of ingredients and the control over the production process means that Champion only makes dry kibble at this time – they do not outsource the production of their food to any other facilities.

Earning 6 stars from Dog Food Analysis and the highest rating from Dog Food Advisor, who claims “this is what a top quality kibble should look like,” Orijen is a highly recommended food for all ages and all types of dogs and cats.

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