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Primal Pet Foods products incorporate the freshest, 100% human-grade ingredients offering your pet nutrient-dense, highly digestible foods and treats for a long, healthy and happy life.

Our product line offers a wide selection of high-quality proteins from the United States and New Zealand. Our raw-diet products include both complete and balanced raw-food Formulas as well supplemental raw-food options in our Mixes and Grinds lines. Additionally, Primal offers a selection of Raw Meaty and Recreational Bones to enhance your pet's tooth, gum and jaw health. The Primal Treat line offers a comprehensive variety of quality protein sources as well as several options of cooking styles, from crisp slow-roasted treats to soft, high-moisture, certified organic jerky treats that are excellent for training.

The Primal Pet Foods product line offers an easy way to keep your pet's diet as close to nature as possible. By eating raw foods and treats produced using the highest-quality raw materials available, your pet receives optimum nutrition through active enzymes, unprocessed amino acids, and necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential to a natural, long, happy and healthy life.

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