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When I rescued Chewy from an animal shelter, he was a severely sick pup. I put him on a raw meat diet upon a veterinarianís advice. Chewy recovered and he and his best friend, Stella, thrived on this diet.

My experience with Chewy taught me that the right food (and a lot of love) can promote a petís health and well-being. But, the more I learned about animal nutrition, the less I could understand why there wasnít a commercial product as good as what I could make at home. So with the help of veterinary nutritionists, I created Stella & Chewyís.

Thanks for taking the time to meet Stella and Chewy, and finding out about our dinners and treats. 

Marie Moody, Founder & President

Inspired by her own dogs, she has created a movement that has inspired the overall health and happiness of hundreds of thousands of pets and pet parents all over the world.

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