Ziwi Peak


Looking for the best 100% natural dog food, the best 100% natural cat food Youíve found it!

Welcome to ZiwiPeak, a fresh, natural, raw meat, just air-dried for convenience or canned with sealed-in moisture. All from the cleanest, greenest New Zealand pastures and oceans. Nothing added but goodness in vitamins and minerals. Itís what dogs and cats would Ė if they could Ė call perfect. Itís what we call unconditional love.

ZiwiPeak is as close as it comes to a raw, natural, wild diet, without freezing and thawing. So itís made for your lifestyle as much as your petís. We use no preservatives, fillers or grains. Nothing artificial. Just real meat, heart, liver, kidney, cold-washed green tripe and bone, hoki fish and green-lipped mussels, with selected vitamins and minerals. With over 95% digestibility, your pet gets every morsel of goodness. And youíll use less than most foods. The result? Healthier, longer-lived, thankful pets.

Now, come on in Ė explore our story, our products, our passion.

A complete, raw equivalent, natural dog and cat food Ö 

Itís what we call unconditional love for your pets

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